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To become a Partner Agency please call us or e-mail :

US Phone: +1 310 982 1191


Address: Mete Caddesi Yeni Apartmani No:10 K:2 Taksim- Istanbul-TURKEY

Exchange International works with partner organizations that are committed to offering participants the highest quality programs available.

Exchange International partner organizations can expect:

* Superior placements with professional host companies
* Streamlined application processes
* Training in policies and procedures
* Assistance with marketing and recruiting
* Excellent customer service
* Dedicated partner team
* Customized recruiting tours
* Improved market position

Exchange International offers below programs for international students and young professionals looking for career enhancing opportunities:

The Work and Travel Program offers participants a unique cultural exchange experience by working with businesses and organizations in the USA for up to four months during their main university break.

The Internship Program offers participants the opportunity to develop practical skills and reinforce their academic studies by interning with businesses and organizations in the USA for up to 12 months.The Career Training Program offers participants the opportunity to enhance their career skills while acquiring knowledge and experience in the U.S.

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